31 Tips for healthy & long hair | Part 2

Do you dream of getting long hair fast? Well, your dream might be reality soon! With just a few small changes, tips and tricks in everyday life you can preserve and strengthen damaged hair and get long hair fast. Think about great shampoo, hair oil, good brushes, apple cider vinegar, great accessories and more!

In this series “31 Tips for Healthy & Long Hair“, I’m going to reveal 31 practical and helpful tips and tricks that boost hair growth & help to grow hair faster. Take a look at the first part of the series to explore all the tips from the start:

31 Tips for healthy & long hair | Part 1

Done? Alright, then have fun with the second part and the tips No. 11 – 20.

11. Wash your hair less often

This tip may be inconceivable or even disgusting to some, but washing your hair less often, can actually help you getting healthier and therefore also longer hair! Unfortunately shampoo is more damaging than companies and their marketing team want us to know. Even the mildest and gentlest shampoos (like the ones you find in the first part of this series) are used for one reason: cleaning. Shampoo usually is packed with chemicals or soaps that potentially harm our hair.

Of course, these agents (surfactants or soaps) are also helpful and useful: they clean our scalp from unwanted dirt and oils. But these natural “oils” are actually (to a certain extent) very nourishing for our hair! That’s why washing your hair less is a great tip for all of you, who are washing their hair every day.

If you would like to wash less often, try to expand the time between the hair washes slowly! Usually the scalp gets accustomed quickly to the new cycle and produces less grease. PS: Of course I am only talking about washing your hair, not your body. You can take a shower everyday 😉

12. Use Accessories for long hair

[amazon_link asins=’B01JZI0HLE’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’cocoppery-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b242ac16-bf42-11e7-98c3-1ba0272afdf9′]Wearing accessories more often does not only look great, it is also pretty beneficial for your hair (of course only if the accessory is hair-gentle). Hair accessories help you covering up your bad-hair days without using heat or other damaging routines. Accessories for short or long hair are available in a wide variety of styles: hats, beanies, caps, hair bands and headbands. Try whatever you like! I love wearing beanies in winter and caps in summer. My current favorite piece for Spring, Summer and Autumn: My Huf Cap.

Favorit Accessoires für lange Haare: Huf Cap

13. Use Dry Shampoo

[amazon_link asins=’B00TB00HPS’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’cocoppery-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’eea8dc94-bf42-11e7-a518-8b6786403507′]Some demonize it, many swear by it: dry shampoo! Dry shampoo can actually help you getting longer hair by extending the time between washes. A great side effect: it is really very handy! I personally try to minimize my use of dry shampoo, because I like to keep my skin free from chemicals, but sometimes dry shampoo saves my day: suddenly an important appointment, no time to wash & dry my long hair – with dry shampoo no problem!

Long Hair Tips: Use dry shampoo
Long Hair Tips: Use dry shampoo

14. Love your Natural Hair

To love your own hair as they are is a powerful, wonderful and very effective tip, if you want to have long hair! From my own experience, I know: Crazy colors and an unusual style are super exciting, but (unfortunately) usually associated with many hair treatments, that can damage your hair. That is why it is very important to choose a natural look that emphasizes your benefits without the need for constant updates.

Often, we want what we don’t have: Blondes want dark hair, dark-haired want blonde hair, girls with straight hair want curly hair and vice versa! To love ourselves the way we are, requires a bit of practice, but it is a wonderful feeling, that we should experience more often. ♡ Of course, you can play around with your hair from time to time and try something new! But never underestimate the potential damage some hair-styles can produce. Having healthy hair is crucial, if you want to grow your hair long & strong.

Long Hair Tips: Love your natural hair
Long Hair Tips: Love your natural hair

15. Natural Herbal Hair Color

[amazon_link asins=’B00SGZHQSA’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’cocoppery-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0e3afb9f-bf43-11e7-bec1-4be01827e888′]Dyeing your hair is unfortunately very bad for long hair. A great alternative to classic hair dye is natural herbal hair color. Natural hair dye is plant-based and much more gentle than chemical hair dye. In fact: Some even claim that dyeing your hair with herbal hair color is actually great for your hair structure! In my experience, those natural hair dyes are not damaging at all. My hair has not suffered any damage from dyeing with herbal hair color. On the contrary, after each time coloring”my hair, my hair shines very beautifully and feels strong & healthy. I use the the brand “khadi” (khadi Light Blonde, khadi Middle Blond & khadi Golden Hint) to give my hair an ashy or golden touch, depending on my mood.

If you are not familiar with herbal hair color, there are some things you should know: Changing the color tone of your hair and darkening your hair works perfectly fine, bleaching on the other hand is not possible. Also, you should be eager to experimentation. Dyeing with herbal hair color is never precise and 100% predictable. The results depend on your hair structure and your current hair color. Natural hair dyes are not very durable (at least not the blonde ones from khadi). In my experience they last about 2-3 weeks, which I don’t mind very much, because the dyeing-process is not harmful, so I can do it more often. However, if you dye your hair black, dark brown or red (eg with henna), you should expect the color to be permanent.

Khadi Herbal Hair Color for long hair
Khadi Herbal Hair Color for long hair

16. Use a wide tooth comb

[amazon_link asins=’B01LYX0HFJ’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’cocoppery-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3205e2cc-bf43-11e7-9d86-b169c60d1a69′]A wide tooth comb is great for long hair! It is very gentle and detangles without breaking a lot of hair. Especially after washing your long hair, a wide tooth comb can make a difference! Since wet hair is very brittle, using a wide tooth comb helps to loosen all the knots gently. It also helps to emphasize your natural hair structure. Waves and curls are much prettier, when you use a comb instead of a brush! In general brushes tend to make curls look frigid, a wide tooth comb leaves the curls intact and pretty. Pay attention to the quality when buying a comb. It should be well processed and the edges should be abraded and without glue seams.

17. Home Remedies & DIY Hair Masks for long hair

Homemade DIY hair masks & home Remedies are great if you are trying to grow your hair long! They are easy to produce, without any harsh chemicals, cheap, effective and boost your hair growth! My current favorite home remedy for long, shiny hair is apple cider vinegar. The so-called acidic rinse with apple cider vinegar (vinegar hair rinse) is a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, which is tipped over the head after washing the hair. I usually give a shot of natural apple cider vinegar in a large 0.5l glass and then fill it with water. The acid rinse has a very low pH-value. It closes the hair structure and gives perfect gloss to the hair.

Vinegar Rinse for long hair
Vinegar Rinse for long hair

18. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

[amazon_link asins=’B00KDL108M’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’cocoppery-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4ed5fc46-bf43-11e7-904f-41d61c02193a’]Ok – this tip is a bit extravagant, but apparently you have healthier hair when you sleep on a silk pillowcase or a pillow made of silk. The smooth surface of silk provides little friction between skin/hair and bed linen. Less friction = less hair breakage. In addition, silk pillowcases even have an anti-aging effect on the skin!

Many people sleep on silk pillows for these reasons. Unfortunately, I find cotton much more comfortable than silk. I’m not exactly sure why, but i just don’t like the feeling of silk on my skin. For all of you who like silk in general, this tip is definitely recommendable.

19. Drink plenty of water

Our earth is 72% covered with water, our body consists of almost 70% of water and nevertheless we (also myself) forget again and again how important water is! Drinking a lot (and above all drinking water) supports our whole body, our organs and our lymph system (our body’s sewage system). How much we drink influences directly the condition of our skin, our nails and our hair! Hair loss, brittle hair, thin hair and even gray hair can be linked to a bad water balance. So basically: If you want long hair, you should ensure to drink enough water.

But how much water is too little and how much too much? Well, depends on who you ask. Some say 1.5 – 2 liters is perfectly adequate. Others say that per 25 kg body weight 1 liter should be consumed. And again, others say: Everything nonsense! I only need 1 liter a day. Confusing isn’t it? But the truth is, this value may vary greatly. Each body is different and has different habits. Living conditions such as humidity, physical stress, perspiration and the water content in you diet influence this value. For example, if you eat a lot of food, that contain lots of water (eg cucumbers, salads, soups, stews etc.) you may not need that much, as someone who basically only eats bread. Therefore, my water minimum does not have to correspond to your ideal water consumption. I try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

Long Hair Tips: Drink plenty of water
Long Hair Tips: Drink plenty of water

20. Let your hair soak up some sun!

I LOVE THE SUN! There is nothing more relaxing and pleasant than feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin! For me, this feeling is one of the best antidepressants that mother nature provides! It instantly makes me smile. I feel better and happier, if I spend enough time outside. Sunlight also strengthens our immune system and is essential for our bodies in order to produce vitamin D. As with most things in life, however, to much of one thing is not good for you! Sunscreen is a must, if you have fair skin as mine. Also keep in mind, that you don’t actually have to be in the sun to soak up some sun rays! Even if you stay in the shadows, your skin and hair benefit greatly from the sunlight.

I can’t say (and it is also not scientifically proven), whether hair grows faster, when exposed to sun regularly, but one thing I know for sure: My hair grows much faster during summertime than in winter. Imagination or reality? I don’t know for sure, but being outside and chilling in the fresh air does not hurt in any case & it is also really fun! ☼

Long Hair Tips: Go outside!
Long Hair Tips: Go outside!

♡ Cocoppery