Review: Vegan Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream

Cleaning your face is very important, especially when you are wearing make-up! But not all cleaning products are gentle. Many contain cleaning agents, that could possibly irritate sensitive skin. That’s why decided to try the Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream. Nonique is a german natural cosmetics brand, that produces vegan products without PEG, parabene, silicones, animal ingredients, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances. Check out my experiences with the Nonique Cleansing Cream: From the packaging, to the application, to my conclusion!

Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream: Highlights

  • Certified natural cosmetics (NATURE-seal) made in Germany
  • Completely vegan (also the packaging!)
  • with argan oil and pomegranate oil
  • No PEG, no parabene, no silicones and no petroleum chemistry (paraffins)
  • Free of artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances
  • No SLS (sodium laureth sulfates)

Ingredients of Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream

The ingredients at a glance:

Aqua • Cetearyl Alcohol • Butyrospermum Parkii Butter* (organic shea butter) • Glycerin • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride • Punica Granatum Seed (organic pomegranate oil) Oil* • Argania Spinosa Kernel (organic argan oil) Oil* • Tocopherol • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (organic aloe vera) Powder* • Lactic Acid • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil* • Xanthan Gum • Squalane • Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Parfum** • Potassium Sorbate*** • Sodium Benzoate*** *From organic cultivation ** Made from natural essential oils ***

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Application of Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream

Nonique Cleansing Cream: Application
Nonique Cleansing Cream: Simple Application

This vegan Cleansing Creme by Nonique is applied to the wet face, distributed well and washed off again. On the packing it says, that one should massage the cream simply with the fingertips and then rinse with clear water again.

In the beginning, however, I decided to apply the cream with a small facial sponge. The sponge helps to remove make-up effectively. Unfortunately, I am not so happy with the roughness of the sponge. Although I like the peeling effect, my sensitive skin reacted a bit to the rough surface. So at the moment I distribute the Nonique Cleansing Cream with my fingertips, which is actually great! Nevertheless I am still looking for alternatives. Maybe a gentler sponge, a washcloth or even an electric facebrush? Do you have any suggestions?

My Experience with Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream

First of all, I like this vegan cleansing cream! Since my skin is pretty sensitive, I have to use gentle cleansing products. My skin feels clean after using the Nonique Cleansing Cream, but not dry or brittle – as with other cleansing products. The consistency of this this cream is very nice – it is creamy and distributes very well. The smell is tender but great! I would describe it as “berry”. I love that it removes my make-up without much scrubbing. It even removes my eye make-up quite effectively (but then with a little scrubbing 😉 ). My skin feels definitely  fresher and cleaner since I use it. I also think that my overall skin-condition got better.

Natural Cosmetics by “Nonique”

Nonique is a German natural cosmetics brand, that I only recently discovered in a german drugstore. All products (even the packaging) are vegan and carry certification. This means that the products must meet certain standards. Overall, the brand has (until now) published three different care series. Each for a different skin type: anti-aging, moisture and energy. Each care line consists of many different products: body cream, shower gel, daily cream, hand cream, eye cream, shampoo, rinse.

  • Anti Aging: Especially for skin from 25. With hyaluron, pomegranate and argan oil
  • Moisture: against dry skin. Avocado and olive
  • Energy: Fruity for plenty of energy: mango, papaya, maracuja and shea butter

Have you already tried Nonique products or Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream?

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