Skin Care

Coconut oil: 6 Ways to use and Tips & Tricks

Coconut oil is THE beauty hype of the past few years. And i mean, who doesn’t love it, right? Whether for the hair, the skin or the health. It contains impressive nutrients and has a great consistency. It is usually solid at room temperature and only melts in your hands.…

Review of Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream: vegan, silicone-free, sls-free, no parabene etc.

Cleaning your face is very important, especially when you are wearing make-up! But not all cleaning products are gentle. Many contain cleaning agents, that could possibly irritate sensitive skin. That’s why decided to try the Nonique Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream. Nonique is a german natural cosmetics brand, that produces vegan products without PEG, parabene,…