Review: Myrto Naturalcosmetics Organic Shampoo

As you already know, I am a passionate natural shampoo-collector – always looking for a mild and natural shampoo without silicone & sulfate! Today, I am going to show you 2 new shampoos I’ve been testing: the Myrto Naturalcosmetics Organic Shampoo Ultramild Free and the Myrto Naturalcosmetics Organic Shampoo Purifying Free. Both Shampoos contain natural ingredients and are made by the German brand “Myrto Naturalcosmetics”, which, as far as I know, is not very popular YET.

Myrto Naturalcosmetics: Organic, natural ingredients for healthy Hair

I only recently discovered the german brand “Myrto Naturalcosmetics“. They produce a variety of organic cosmetics in all forms. The website promises a lot of great things:

  • Innovative development and manufactory of organic cosmetics our own factory with the best ingredients from nature for healthy hair and beautiful skin.
  • Best natural ingredients that are rated by both cosmetics check and after ÖKOTEST with top marks.
  • All ingredients without exception meet the usual natural cosmetics certifications and often exceed these standards.
  • The vegetable oils, extracts and essential essences are used in organic quality where possible.
  • vegan, organic and fair trade
  • Wherever possible and practical, no alcohol is used
  • Products are free from preservatives. Instead, skin-careable herbal ingredients are used, which also have anti-microbial effects.

Organic Shampoo-Test: “Myrto Ultramild Free” + “Myrto Purifiying Free”

Both organic shampoos have a lot in common: They are both part of the “free” series by Myrto. This means, that both shampoos don’t contain unnecessary additives, which could possibly cause irritation of the scalp. That means they are sulfate-free (no SLS, SLeS, ALS etc), no silicone, no alcohol, no parabene, no preservatives, no fragrance and more). Nevertheless, the two shampoos differ slightly in their effect and application. In the following table you can see the ingredients, effects and other important facts. (If you’re on your phone, just rotate it to see the table better.)

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My experience with the “Myrto Organic Shampoo Ultramild Free”

Infredients of Myrto Naturalcosmetics: silicone-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free
Infredients of Myrto Naturalcosmetics: silicone-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free

The Myrto Organic Shampoo Ultra Mild Free is a pure basic product: no crazy ingredients – simple but good. It is sulfate-free, silicone-free, without parabene, without alcohol and therefore very skin-friendly and compatible. The consistency of the shampoo is gel-like and transparent. It doesn’t smell at all! So, if you prefer fragrance in your hair, you have to use additional masks or conditioners.

I can’t recommend it to wash out hair oil – that didn’t work with my hair at all! Washing out hair oil requires a lot of washing power, this shampoo is simply to mild for that. But other than that, it does a pretty good job at cleaning the scalp from unwanted oils and dirt. It is the perfect shampoo for those, who want to wash their hair quite often – let’s say daily. It doesn’t damage the hair unnecessarily, so the hair can remain healthy. All in all: 2 THUMBS UP from me! Great, mild shampoo without any harsh chemicals.

Tip: If you prefer a stronger shampoo, you can mix the Ultra Mild Free with the Purifying Free.

My experience with the “Myrto Organic Shampoo Purifying Free”

The Myrto Organic Shampoo Purifying Free is the stronger equivalent of the milder Ultramild Free. It is also made from few ingredients, but has a higher washing power. Just like with the Ultra Mild Free, mild surfactants are used. It is therefore without sulfates, without alcohol, without preservatives, without fragrance etc.

The consistency of this organic Shampoo is gel-like and transparent. As mentioned above it has no fragrance, so that might seem a little unconventional at first. It foams very pleasant (slightly more than the Ultra Mild Free) and is hypoallergenic. If I could, I’d even give third thumbs up for this shampoo! It has a stronger washing power and still does not irritate a bit my sensitive scalp.

Summing up – great basic organic shampoos!

Both Shampoos are pretty great – Myrto has done a wonderful job with the choice of ingredients. I personally prefer the Myrto Organic Shampoo Purifying Free, because I find the extra bit washing power very pleasant! But I also use the Myrto Organic Shampoo Ultramild Free on regular basis. By dispensing with sulfates, silicones, parabene and EVEN ALCOHOL, both shampoos fulfilled all my expectations.

However both shampoos feel very basic to me. It never occurred to me, that fragrance is such a big part when washing my hair – but I guess it is! The lack of fragrance feels very unconventional and i needed some time to get used to it. But it amazes me how great my scalp feels, when washing with this shampoo. No irritation at all! I usually add a little bit of conditioner to the ends of my hair to make them smell nice, and keep my scalp free from additives at the same time.

Have you tried a Shampoo by Myrto? How did you like it?

♡ Cocoppery