Long Hair Journey #1: Damaged hair from bleaching & straightening

My long hair journey started about 2 years ago. Back then my hair was totally ruined. It was severely damaged from to much bleaching and straightening and fell off just like that. In his blogpost I’m going to tell you, how and why it happened. And also, how I slowly but continuously saved my damaged hair and started my journey to long and healthy hair.

Damaged hair from bleaching and straightening?

How I managed to totally ruin my hair? Simple: I dyed my bleach-blond hair black! On my on. With a cheap hair-dye from the drugstore. At first glance it look quite nice. But soon after, I realized, that my hair was not evenly died. I actually had a lot of stains. So I had to dye my hair again! And again. AAAand again. Because of my blond roots and the fact that I did it myself, it never turned out the way I wanted it to. A terrible, vicious cycle began. What made it even worse, is the fact, that I used different shades of black/dark brown every time.

On top of that I also straightened my hair every 2-3 days. In hindsight I can only shake my head, but back then I truly did not know what I was doing. I ruined my hair without even noticing…

Why did I dye my hair black? New hairstyle = new life?

Why I suddenly dyed my hair? Looking back to this moment, I am not really sure why i did it. Back then I was changing my looks nearly every day. I was experimenting a lot with different styles, so it wasn’t THAT big of a deal to dye my hair black. But of course, in hindsight I realize it was also some sort of revolution. I would even call it an emancipation. It just felt like it needed to be done, to be able to grow as a person.

Coco Chanel once said:

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

I also made some big changes at that time in my life. I got rid of some stressful behaviors and started to live a healthier life. Although I still have to struggle with the consequences of the radical change (damaged hair), I am 100% sure, that it was the right decision! I grew so much during this period in my life, so i am thankful for every second of it.

Preparing my Long Hair Journey: Returning to my natural hair color!

After a few months with black hair, I realized how bad my hair quality already was. I also noticed, that dark hair actually don’t suit me very well: My fair complexion looked very pale. Sometimes, especially when I wasn’t wearing make up, I even looked like I was sick. But how could I break out of this vicious circle?

I decided to stop damaging my hair and start with my healthy hair journey, that soon became a long hair journey. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to just grow out my hair, because of my ash blonde roots. I needed to lighten my hair first, before I was able to start growing out my hair. First I tried the chemical hair-color-remover “ColorB4” – and it pretty much worked. It made my hair lighter it it was definitely not that aggressive. But honestly: It wasn’t super healthy ether.  Ultimately I used this color-remover twice to remove a lot of the dark color. I ended up with a reddish brown, that still did not match perfectly with my natural hair color.

Finally I visited a hair-dresser, that tweaked my hair-color into something that looked kind-of like my natural hair-color. In order to save my hair, she had to bleach very gently and slowly. I ended up going there twice and I was getting blond highlights each time. Of course it was not perfect, but honestly, i was sick of dying my hair, so it was fine enough for me. After that, I was finally ready to start a healthy, natural hair journey!

Starting my natural Long Hair Journey

Starting a long hair journey can actually be a lot of work! But it also makes a lot of fun. I personally started my journey by researching a lot. I learned, how shampoo is made and what ingredients might be “not-that-good”. I also learned how to wear my hair in a protective hairstyle and what brushes are gentle. I discovered the power of hair-oil (like the Khadi Amla Hair Oil) and many more great tips, how to increase hair-growth. My hair grew on the outside and I grew on the inside.

For all of you, who also have damaged hair: Be strong and don’t loose focus! Educate yourself, try natural products and it will get better eventually. I promise!

♡ Cocoppery