DIY: How to make homemade natural deodorant cream

Looking for a natural, aluminium free deodorant, I’ve come across many effective and super simple DIY-DEO recipes. One of them is this wonderful deodorant cream with coconut oil, baking soda and a lovely lavender scent. The cream is completely natural and even more effective than many conventional deodorants I tried in the past. I am simply in love with it! It is also very easy to do at home with just a few ingredients. You probably even have them all at home.. So give it a try 🙂

Everything you need to make this great DIY deodorant cream:

Diy Deodorant Recipe: The ingredients
DIY Deodorant Recipe: The ingredients

Making your own natural, homemade deodorant: Step-by-Step Recipe

DIY deodorant recipe: Step 1
DIY deodorant recipe: Step 1
  1. Put 1 – 1,5 spoons coconut oil in a bowl
  2. Add 1 spoon of Natron
  3. Now add 1 spoon of starch
  4. Mix well
  5. Add 2 -3 drops of tea tree oil
  6. Now add 4 – 5 drops of Lavender oil (or any other essential oil of your choice)
  7. Fill your home-made deodorant in a little jar (it will thicken faster, if you put it in the fridge for some time)
DIY deodorant recipe: Step 2
DIY deodorant recipe: Step 2

Tip: Simply apply your self-made deodorant with your fingers. The sandy consistency will go away, as the baking soda melts in your armpit.

 The Ingredients in Detail

Coconut oil: a great base

Coconut oil serves as the basis for the deodorant cream. It helps to make the cream supple and prevents it from drying out. It also works against bacteria, viruses and fungi! Also BIO coconut oil has many great effects on the skin! High-quality (unrefined, cold-pressed) BIO coconut oil contains traces of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron, phosphorus, amino acids, vitamin E and lactones. If the oil is refined, however, the vitamin E is lost – so always pay attention to the quality you’re using! Since coconut oil is solid at 25 ° C, the deodorant should be kept in a place where the air temperature is not more than 25 ° C.

Baking Soda: the beauty allrounder

Baking Soda is really one of the most important discoveries in my natural beauty routine! Pure Baking Soda (without other ingredients) can be used for various things: for cosmetics, cleaning, baking or household. The most important property of baking soda is a high pH-value. Bacteria and sweat are very sour, baking soda neutralizes sweat and binds odor. In addition, baking soda is an effective deacidifier. Used as a deodorant, it helps to transport toxins out of the body.

Essential oils: Tea tree oil and Lavender Oil

Essential oils are a great addition to the deodorant-cream. They smell wonderful and, depending on the oil used, have great additional effects: Lavender oil soothes the skin and the mind. The wonderful fragrance helps to relax and unwind – day after day. Tea tree oil has a healing effect and is a great anti-inflammatory. It is used for all inflammatory skin problems, especially against acne or pimples. In addition, tea tree oil fights fungi and bacteria on the skin. Use as many essential oils as you like. Caution: Essential oils should always be used as an additive, never undiluted, as they would otherwise be too strong and cause irritation.

The last, but not least ingredient: Starch

Starch binds fluids and gives additional form to the deodorant.

Why do I completely stopped to use conventional antiperspirants and deodorants?

The armpits have one of the most important functions in our immune system. They are one of the areas that the body uses for the excretion of toxins. By sweating, the body can excrete many substances that can otherwise strain the immune system and lead to serious diseases. Antiperspirants (with aluminum) prevent sweating and thus the excretion of these dangerous poisons.

But also deodorants (without aluminum) can contain bad ingredients! With every application these chemicals can enter the body day after day through the armpit. After that these ingredients are carried by the lymph system into all corners of our body. The lymph system normally cleanses the body: It is an important part of the immune system. It fights against pathogens, foreign particles and pathologically altered body components (eg tumor cells). If the lymph system is damaged, toxins can no longer be eliminated.

But no worry! This natural deodorant cream is a great, easy and effective alternative! Just try it!

Tip: If you have previously used traditional deodorants, there may be traces of it left in your clothes. This could cause bad smell for a while. That’s why it may take some time for the DIY deodorant to work reliably. Avoid any smell by cleaning your clothes with a strong soap and remove all possible chemical residues from the conventional deodorant.

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