6 Ways to use Coconut Oil: Beauty Tips & Tricks

Coconut oil is THE beauty hype of the past few years. And i mean, who doesn’t love it, right? Whether for the hair, the skin or the health. It contains impressive nutrients and has a great consistency. It is usually solid at room temperature and only melts in your hands. One of the best features of coconut oil is the tropical smell, which makes it the beauty product. It is also very versatile. You can use coconut oil for your skin or your hair. Additionally it is a great ingredient in a lot of DIY Beauty recipes. Here are 6 tips and tricks for all the coconut oil lovers out there, like myself 😉

1. Homemade Deodorant with Coconut Oil

Diy Recipe: How to make natural deodorant

Natural deodorants are absolutely amazing! Especially, when compared to conventional deodorants and antiperspirant, which often contain harmful ingredients (like aluminium). Such ingredients should be avoided, especially when it comes to products that are used in the armpits. The armpits are part of the lymph system: our own garbage collection! They cleanse our body and keep us healthy. A natural deodorant with coconut oil and baking soda is super easy & fun. Everything you need for this deodorant recipe here: DIY Homemade Deodorant with coconut oil and soda.


2. Coconut Oil as Make Up Remover

Using a make-up remover every day has always worried me. The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive, so it felt kind of wrong to use a lot of harsh products.

Coconut oil is a healthy and very effective alternative to conventional make-up remover! Just put some oil on a cotton pad and use it like you would any other make-up remover. It even removes eye make-up very effectively. Besides, it does not burn in the eyes. 😉

3. Coconut Oil as a Hair Treatment

Coconut Oil as hair mask & leave-in

Using coconut oil for your hair? YES! Vegetable oils are great for hair. Due to their composition, they make your hair shiny, strong and simply BEAUTIFUL. They also promote hair growth. Actually, almost every vegetable oil can be used as a hair mask, but you should make sure that it is cold-pressed, organic and non-refined. The all-time classics are: coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Read more about vegetable oil for you hair here.

Especially coconut oil is the perfect hair oil. It consists mainly of triglycerides, which quickly penetrate the scalp and hair follicles and makes it soft and shiny. In addition to the great effects on the hair itself, coconut oil is also great for the scalp! High quality coconut oil is rich in healthy ingredients: For example “lauric acid”. It fights bacteria, viruses and fungi on the scalp.

Coconut oil can be used in 2 different ways as a hair treatment:

  • as a leave-in conditioner in the tips: Just give a very very small amount of oil into the palms of your hands and massage it into the tips of your hair.
  • as a scalp and hair treatment before washing: Use the oil on your whole head, let it soak in for a few hours (or overnight) and then rinse.

4. Coconut Oil as Body Lotion

Body creams and Lotions are expensive and often full of bad ingredients. That’s why you could coconut oil instead! It really is the perfect body oil! The smell is just AMAZING and the consistency is perfect. The oil is usually solid at room temperature and melts with body temperature. It gives soft and smooth skin that smells great. Better than any conventional body lotion. Just try it out =)

5. Coconut Oil for Shaving

Shaving can irritate our skin by tiny minor injuries, which allow bad chemicals to penetrate easily into the skin. That is why coconut oil the perfect shaving cream! It is totally natural, distributes wonderfully on the skin and lets the razor glide effortlessly. Just apply the oil on the skin before shaving and you’re ready to go!

The best thing: shaving with coconut oil makes the skin super soft and silky and gives it a miraculous fragrance!

6. Oil-Pulling with Coconut Oil

Oil pulling is an ayurvedic method, in which the mouth is washed with vegetable oils. The oil is moved back and forth in the mouth for at least 20 minutes. Coconut oil has an antibacterial effect and combats bad bacteria. In ayurvedic teachings oil-pulling is said to remove toxins from the mouth and cure many diseases. Even teeth whitening should be possible, when practiced regularly!

Coconut oil is the perfect oil for oil pulling, because it has THE BEST taste!