My TOP 3: Organic, Green & Clean Beauty Blogger on YOUTUBE

Personally I get a lot of natural, organic & clean Beauty inspiration from youtube. It’s really the place to be when it comes to natural beauty products. I just love to click through all kinds of Youtube channels and keep discovering new faces and products. You too? Perfect! In this article I am going to show you 3 of my favorite clean beauty blogger on Youtuber: Holistic Habits, Amber Reid and SunKissAlba.

All of them show a great variety of natural beauty products on their channels. But not only that! Each one has their very own personality and focuses on different aspects of beauty – from the holistic aspect, to trends and safety. Of course, there are hundreds or even thousands of great natural cosmetics vlogger on youtube. Who is your favorite?

Ready for a lot of natural beauty? Let’s go!

1. Holistic Habits: Long Hair & Holistic Beauty

Watch this video on YouTube.

Sarah Nagel, the Canadian youtuber behind Holistic Habits, has long been one of my favorites! Her relaxing voice and kind personality make every video a real eye-catcher. In general her videos cover all sorts of holistic topics: holistic nutrition, acne, long hair, natural beauty products, toxic free beauty and more.

Her love for jewelry, gemstones and a healthy lifestyle is inspiring and her product recommendations are always spot on. Sarah pays close attention to ingredients and shows only her absolute favorites. On Instagram, you can admire her beautiful, long hair in stunning hairstyles and braids. Perfect for those, who need motivation on their long-hair journey. ♡ She is also a brand favorite of calia shampoo. Calia makes natural, mild shampoo – perfect for long hair. She also features 100% Pure Cosmetics, Red Apple Lip Stick, Alima Beauty, Living Libations, Pure Rose Water & much more

2. Green Glam Inspiration by Amber Reid

Hi Beauties! My name is Amber Reid, i am 20 years old & a kiwi living in Newcastle Australia. I am absolutely obsessed with all things ‘beauty’ and have this thriving passion for helping girls & women feel beautiful in their own skin. xxx

Watch this video on YouTube.

Amber Reid is a must-see, if you love watching hip make-up tutorials with natural, organic & green beauty products. She is one of the few youtubers to realize her make-up inspirations with green cosmetic. With Amber Reid, green beauty does not have to be boring! #greencanbeglam And you just have to love her for that! I personally also adore her New Zealand accent. Super sweet and ultra cool at the same time.

On her Instagram you get to know her other passion: fitness. If you are looking for Fitness Inspo besides GreenGlam you will definitely find it there. She features for example brands like madara cosmetics, eco brow, Au Naturale, Natio, Physicians Formula, Jane Iredale & more

3. SunkissAlba: Organic Beauty & non-toxic Lifestyle

I’m here to share my love for natural beauty and natural living, with easy to follow videos in hopes of making your life easier and healthier.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Alba from SunKissAlba is a hip New Yorker Mum with an impressive backstory. The birth of her autistic boy has significantly changed the meaning of health and beauty for her. At Alba’s channel you can find beauty that is fun and healthy at the same time. But not only that! From budget tips to Green Lifestyle Vlogs – Alba takes you on a real journey through her life. She features for example brands like Alba Botanica, John Masters, 100% pure, Tata Harper, Living Libations, Shea Moisture & more

A few weeks ago Alba shared some big news! She is expecting her second child. What that means? Of course: many healthy pregnancy and baby videos.♡ You can find her website here:

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

♡ Cocoppery