31 Tips for healthy & long hair | Part 1

Are you trying to grow your hair, but it’s just not growing? Or do you want to boost your hair growth? Great! The blog-series “31 tips for healthy & long hair” will be all about how to grow your hair fast and strong. A lot of these tips help prevent hair-damage, others will boost your hair growth and some will repair damaged hair! Discover great tips like apple-cider-vinegar for extra shine and indian hair oil for fast hair growth. 

How do I know, that these tips work wonders? Because I use them every single day! Having beautiful, healthy and long hair was always my dream. Unfortunately, two years ago i totally ruined my hair. I was suffering from severely damaged hair: My hair was totally frizzy and extremely brittle. I started to research and discovered a lot of amazing tips and tricks for long hair, that helped me repair and strengthen my hair. And finally: My hair started to grow again!

I haven’t yet reached my hair-goal, but my hair already improved dramatically by practicing good hair habits and letting go all of these damaging rituals, that totally ruined my hair. I hope these tips and tricks help you to grow your hair, like they helped me! Enjoy the first part of my 31 tips for healthy & long hair! ♡ Aloha Koko

How can i get healthy and long hair fast?

Unfortunately there is no miracle out there, that makes your hair super long over night. Hair grows at a certain pace (about 1-3 cm per month), which can only slightly be changed. This speed depends on many factors: some are genetic (e.g. hair structure, hair growth, etc.), others are determined by circumstances, ie factors of outside and environmental influences (eg sunlight, good nutrition, etc.). Obviously you can’t change genetic factors, but everything else is up to you! That’s why good nutrition and plenty of sunlight might enhance your hair growth over time!

But not only the pace of hair growth is crucial for growing long, healthy hair. Even more important is the quality of your hair. If your hair is dry, bleached or has a lot of split ends, it will be very hard to let it grow. For every 1 cm that your hair actually grows at the roots, 2 cm will break at the ends… A devil’s circle. That is why it is very important to keep your hair in good shape and healthy for as long as possible. This might actually be the most important boost for your hair growth!

1. Use a good hairbrush

Using a good, gentle hairbrush is one of the most important tips to prevent hairloss. Almost everyone combs their hair at least once a day. Unfortunately, most brushes are not very gentle to your hair. They can cause hairfall and irritate your scalp. Therefore make sure to buy a gentle hair brush for your hair. Good hairbrushes have a clean finish and no sharp edges. A great example of a gentle, cool and hair-loving brush is my favorite brush: the Tangle Teezer. It is easy to handle, easy to clean and very very gentle.

Less hair loss with Tangle Teezer

2. Brush correctly

Unfortunately even the best brush in the world can harm your hair, if you brush to roughly. Therefore, try to handle your hair with love and special care. ♡ Don’t brush to hard or pull to strong. Instead: Baby your hair! It really needs soft treatment to grow long. Also try to comb the lengths of your hair first. After that work your way up to your scalp. That way you avoid breaking your hair, when it’s a little tangled.


3. Avoid Heat-Styling

Now, we all have to be strong: Yes, heat-styling is kind of a no-go, if you want to grow your hair. Heat damages your hair, like nothing else does. Especially when you straighten your hair on a daily basis. Better you hide your straightener and your curling iron somewhere you don’t really find them anymore. When I first started my long-hair journey I gave myself a “heat ban”. This may sound harsh, but it worked perfectly fine for me! For one year I wasn’t using any heat tools at all. After that year I saw amazing results in my hair! In hindsight, I am sure: Besides coloring, straightening was the main cause for my split ends and frizzy hair. Of course, you don’t have to be that strict, to see great results! Even decreasing the amount of heat you use in your hair by a little, can help A LOT with growing your hair.

TIP: There are plenty great videos on “Styling without Heat” on youtube. From perfect curls to wild & voluminous – with a little bit of practice, everything is possible without heat tools!

Aloha Koko: 31 tips for long and healthy hair - Stop using straightener

4. Use a good heat-protection

If you really, really want to use heat tools from time to time, of course you can! Again: You don’t have to totally ban heat tools, just use them with caution. Also very important when using heat tools: Great protection! As I explained above, heat can do great damage on your hair, that’s why a good heat protection is a life saver from time to time! Never use heat without a good heat-protection product. Right now I use heat every now and then, when I feel like I want a special hairstyle. Whenever I do, I use the Art Naturals Heat Protection.

Art Naturals Heat Protection Spray
Art Naturals Heat Protection Spray

5. Use natural oils for your hair

My absolute favorite tip for those who want healthy, long hair: Use natural organic oils in your hair! My favorites: coconut oil & the Khadi Amla hair oil. Whether as a hair mask before washing, or as a leave-in after washing – hair oils have helped me very much with repairing my damaged hair. Natural oils don’t contain any harsh chemicals or other bad ingredients. They protect your hair from harmful environmental influences and add great shine. Read more about natural oils for the hair here!

Hair mask with organic oils for long hair
Hair mask with organic oils for long hair

6. Hair-friendly Hairstyle

Hair-gentle hairstyles are a great way to protect your hair and look great at the same time! The most gentle hairstyles are buns and braids. When you braid your hair, it won’t get tangled up during the day or night. Especially during nighttime your hair could really benefit from braids! If you leave your hair open at night, it could bend and break, when you roll around. You can actually save a lot of your precious hair just by following this little tip. Particularly gentle: braids of all kinds, soft ribbons, scrunchies, spiral hair ties (eg Invisibobble) and soft materials, such as silk and satin. Not so great for the hair are: thin hair ties with metal, hairpins of all kinds and Bobby pins.

Tips for long hair: Invisibobble

7. Brush hair, when dry 

When your hair is wet, it can easily break. Allow your hair to dry, before you comb it. I can notice significantly more hair loss and hair break, when I brush my hair in wet condition. Give it a try! Maybe you can save a lot of hair through this little trick.

8. Natural cosmetics

If you want to do your hair a BIG BIG favor, try natural cosmetics! Often hair products contain a lot of nasty ingredients, that could eventually damage your hair. Natural, organic hair products with few, but high-quality ingredients, nurture gently and effective! I enjoy knowing what ingredients are in my shampoo. Also, my hair loved natural cosmetics right from the beginning! Of course every head of hair is different, so you might have different experiences, but i really saw a big change in my hair! But changes are high, that your hair might need to get used silicone-free products at first. Especially when you were using products with silicone over a long period of time, natural cosmetics will have a hard time nurturing your hair (because your hair is coated in plastic). But if you invest some energy and time, you can get great effects with natural cosmetics. My hair loss has completely disappeared and my hair became significantly thicker, voluminous and beautiful! =)

31 Tips for long hair: Natural Cosmetics
31 Tips for long hair: Natural Cosmetics

Some of my favorite brands at the moment from left to right: Weleda (eg Weleda Hair Oat Conditioner Shampoo), Khadi (eg Khadi Amla Hair Oil and Khadi Amla Shampoo), Art Naturals (eg Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Art Naturals Heat Protection Spray) and Shea Moisture (e.g., Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo). Also I like the german brand Lavera.

9. Use a gentle shampoo

Shampoos are cleaning your scalp and hair from excess grease and oil. Unfortunately, many (especially conventional) shampoos are not perfectly gentle to the scalp or hair. From sulfates (aggressive surfactants) to carnivorous parabene to plasticisers – in shampoos are plenty of substances you would rather not leave on your skin and your hair. Often, however, these substances are not only unhealthy, but also damage your hair. Switching to a mild shampoo can help to keep your hair healthier and therefore to grow it quicker. Natural cosmetics are, in my experience, milder than conventional cosmetics. Nevertheless you should take a look at the ingredients of your shampoo, even if it says “natural” on the bottle.  A hot topic in shampoos: aggressive sulfates (SLS, SLeS, ALS). The rule: the less aggressive surfactants, the better and the later sulfates  appear in the ingredients-list, the lower the amount.

More about sulfate in the shampoo here.

10. Rinse your hair with cold water

A small but fine tip: Rinse your hair with cold water after washing it. Your hair will be healthier and shinier.

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